Understanding Mitsubishi’s service indicator system: What it is and how it works

Whether it is an ASX, Pajero, or Lancer, any vehicle from Mitsubishi is equipped with a computer system that tells you it is time for a service. Its dashboard has indicator lights that remind you if specific areas in your car need checking or maintenance. Once they light up, you must consider taking your car for a service Mitsubishi ASX or whichever model you have as needed.

What is Mitsubishi’s mileage-based service reminder system?

Basically, the mileage-based reminder system you find in Mitsubishi vehicles is an on-board computer system that tells you about specific maintenance work your car needs or any issue that you have to address promptly.

However, its main function is to keep track of your mileage, so it is easier for you to know when it is time for servicing. Once it is triggered, you know that you should schedule an appointment with an authorised service centre.

How does the system work?

The system reminds you to get a service Mitsubishi ASX, Pajero, Lancer, or any other model you might have that needs servicing. Perhaps, it already requires routine maintenance or an oil change.

At its most basic level, the reminder system automatically tracks the miles your vehicle has accumulated from the time it was set or reset. However, you still have the freedom to set the mileage intervals depending on how you use your vehicle and under what conditions you are driving. Click here Brisbane City Mitsubishi

For example, you can adjust it to light up more frequently when you often tow heavy loads or drive under extreme weather conditions. Naturally, these will require more frequent oil changes.

What can you expect from a car service?

When you see the indicator light triggered, you should schedule an appointment to get a service Mitsubishi ASX, Pajero, Lancer, or any model you have for their service schedule.

At the service centre, the mechanics will perform a series of inspections to determine which maintenance tasks to perform or which issues your vehicle might have and recommend solutions to fix them.

Because each Mitsubishi vehicle has features that are unique from those of other units, only qualified technicians will perform the maintenance tasks.

There are even service centres that specialise in certain models. So, if you have a Pajero, for example, then you can find a centre that focuses on offering quality Pajero service.

If you are not sure about which services your vehicle may need, contact your dealer for professional advice.

Take your car to the trusted Brisbane City Mitsubishi services centre

If you neglect your car’s service light, you run the risk of having a damaged engine. Similarly, you should not service your car on your own, especially when you do not have the right skills, knowledge, and tools to do it. You might not be doing your car a favour, but might worsen an existing issue instead.

For these reasons, you should let only the certified mechanics at an authorised service centre do it for you.

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